ENISA Makes the Internet a Safer Space in the EU

ENISA logo

Formed in 2004, the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA for short) has been tasked by the main EU governing body to serve as an overseeing and management centre for cyber security in Europe. Based in Heraklion, Greece with its main office in Athens, ENISA continues to fulfil its duties to this day. Udo Helmbrecht is the active director of the agency, overseeing and managing the majority of activities, as well as a staff of sixty-five people.

The Agency is Always Informed – Most Important Duties

While delivering viable solutions to any cyber-related crisis in the countries of the European Union, ENISA also remains informed on the most recent advancements in technology. This is in turn, allows us to see the purpose of one of its duties – organising exercises across the EU on how to deal with different cyber crisis situations. Another very import role that ENISA has, is the development of NCSS (National Cyber Security Strategies).

While promoting cooperation between different teams for emergency computer response, ENISA also is responsible for cloud security, data protection, technology for enhancing and ensuring privacy, electronic ID services, and cyber threat identification. Daily activities and roles are determined by a year-long schedule, created annually by the agency’s executive and management board.

ENISA Stakeholders Network

Additional goals of the agency are to utilize its strong infrastructure to enhance communication between NIS communities along with the EU Member States and support Europe into modernizing and upgrading its security networks. Meeting the legal requirements of EU’s network and information security protocols by the Member States will also be assisted by ENISA.

All is Done for the EU Community

ENISA’s multitudinous role in the EU is vital for the development of every Member State’s government, but that is not the only benefit provided by the agency. The public and education sector, the native IT industries, the business community and many others will also benefit from the efficient activity of ENISA – which what makes it one of the most important of all decentralized agencies created by the European Union.