eSports Alliances

The growth of e-Sports has made it necessary for associations to come up to protect the players in the industry. Professional gamers in the industry also require belonging to an alliance so that their rights get protected, as is the case with any other sport. As such, some associations have come up over the years. Have a look at some of the renowned e-Sports alliances in the industry at present.

The International e-Sports Federation

IeSF logo

This federation also goes by IeSF, and its main headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea. The body came about nine years ago in August 2008 with an aim to ensure that e-sports gained recognition as a legitimate sport. Its current president is Byung Hun Jun, and it operates by a general assembly.


IeSF works at promoting e-Sports so that people can look at the sport the same way they view other major sports such as football. The federation also works at being the lead alliance tasked with maintaining the game, promoting it as well as supporting it so that it can reach higher heights. For the alliance to achieve its mission, it has a focus on some projects. It works on increasing the number of nations with which it has an alliance.

With numbers comes strength to have an impact on the world and the alliance hopes to expand its numbers over time. They currently have forty-six member nations, a figure expected to increase with the growth of the game in time.

The alliance also works at coming up with regulations on e-Sports all over the world. In this way, standards can get maintained to ensure that players are in line with ethical codes and that fair competition prevails. IeSF also puts a lot of efforts in the training of referees who oversee the game. This training ensures that players who are not playing by the rules cannot get away with it.

Also, the federation also organizes championships where various players come in and compete for the top prizes. In this way, people get to appreciate the sport more, and winners walk away with fantastic cash prizes. In addition to this, the alliance also works with the government, game developers and government bodies to come up with plans to promote the sport.

World e-Sports Alliance

WESA logo

This alliance, abbreviated as WESA, is relatively new in the market, having come about in the year 2016. It took a lot of efforts and thanks to the hard work of ESL as well as other e-Sports teams; the alliance came to be after one year of development. Some of its founding members include Natus Vincere, North, Mousesports, and Fnatic, amongst other key players in the industry. There were challenges in the early stages which saw members such as FaZe Clan drop out days into formation for fear that the contracts were prohibitive.

They work towards coming up with regulations to make the sport an avenue for fair play. With the growth of the game over the years, the standards that the alliance sets will come in handy in avoiding the struggles that lay ahead.

National Alliance of Collegiate e-Sports (NACE)

NACE logo

NACE is a not-for-profit body which works with its member institutions in the promotion and regulation of e-Sports in varsities. It came about in July 2016 and has been unstoppable since then with its increasing number of member schools and athletes. It is the sole one of its type across the United States and has a membership of over eighty schools. This number is outstanding if you consider the fact that the alliance started out with a handful of member institutions.

The body lays down the rules applicable to the games alongside setting qualifications and offering scholarships to athletes in the schools in the tone of millions. Students can get training on e-Sports thanks to the program and those who do well go on to play in tournaments organized by the alliance. The alliance has enabled students to develop an interest in the game, and it is clear that in the coming years, their membership will increase and thus the sport will become popular.

With e-Sports on the rise, it is essential that governing alliances take up the task to ensure that standards get set from an early stage. The alliances also help budding athletes to reach their full potential which can help them reap big from their skills.