The European Gaming and Betting Association Promoting Safety and Reliability

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Online gambling and gaming have become a multi-billion € industry, which begs the need for an organization that can promote and represent those operators. Established in 2007, the European Betting Association later changed its name, but its goal remained the same – to promote the making of a digital environment, that would prove to be reliable and safe for all types of online gambling.

Objectives and Goals

Making sure that online users who wish to gamble are protected, EGBA works toward the creation and refinement of an Internet environment that will deliver the highest level of consumer protection available, and much more. The association is also tasked to make sure that any regulated offers are much more attractive to the gambling player demographic than those provided by unregulated sources, thus bringing them to a safer and fairer environment.

Collaboration With Other Agencies

When it comes to regulating and overseeing gambling and sportsbook activity on a large scale, this isn’t a task that can be accomplished by one international entity alone. This is why, the European Gaming and Betting Association often partners up with other organizations such as the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, The Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling, and the Industry Association for Online Games of Sweden, in order to communicate information regarding operators who conduct their gambling activities in an unregulated way.

The Gambling Sector in Europe is Growing

The association is regularly informing both the public and other organizations and associations of the current state of the gambling sector in the European Union. This is spotlighted by many other official EU organizations, who have expressed their positive impression with EGBA’s work – this is why up to this day, the associations continue to be on the forefront of providing fair gambling opportunities for everyone in the EU.