The European Sports Security Association Gives a Fair Chance

ESSA logo

Preventing match-fixing among sports markets is by no means an easy task, but this is what ESSA (the European Sports Security Association) does. A non-profit organization, ESSA represents not only the interests of online punters but also the licensed operators who rely on keeping their reputation impeccable. The major asset which ESSA utilizes is its ability to gather intelligence in a very efficient manner.

ESSA Is Connected to All the Right Organizations

Upon discovering any type of suspicious activity, ESSA always relays the information to the appropriate sporting and regulatory authorities. One of the most important facts about the European Sports Security Association is the fact that they are capable of arranging partnerships that protect operators and customers alike. Information-sharing agreements have been achieved between ESSA, and some of the leading sports championships facilitators, such as FIFA and others.

ESSA’s intelligence and partnership network also spans to a lot of licensing and regulatory organizations such as the UK Gambling Commission, Malta GC, Alderney GC, and Gibraltar GC. Because of the association’s highly efficient network, they have been known to produce outstanding results in their activities, deterring many notable cases of corruption.

Spotlighted by the EU Member States

Because ESSA is also connected to licensed operators in both an online and offline state, a number of EU’s countries have benefited from their assistance when it came to the performing of serious investigations. The efficiency of ESSA has become legendary to that point, that even a large number of non-European operators have applied to be in their network. The association is always looking for new members, and even provide an application form which potential partners may sign up.

Continuing to Oversee Fairness

In the world of sports betting, battling corruption is becoming harder, especially when the stakes are high. ESSA combats match fixing not only to make sure that any betting on markets is done fairly but to preserve the integrity of sports. When competitions have been decided even before the first round has begun, the sport has stopped existing – and this is why the nature of competitive sports needs to remain pure.